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Ivan Jerkić

Ivan Jerkić

What do I do? I build ventures – from the concept to product-market fit. And then I scale them.

I will keep this human-written part short. In this post I will test an AI copywriting tool, based on the GPT-3 deep learning model for language interpretation by artificial intelligence to determine if machines can replace us as copywriters.

I’ve chosen Writesonic because they offer a free trial with all features enabled (including full article writing). I am not convinced to pay a $50 amount to similar tools just for the sake of one blog post test. I do not promote nor recommend Writesonic in any way, it was just the most convenient choice. So here we go, let’s start the setup!

Setup your robot-friend

Step 1)

I will generate article ideas based on a target topic.

ai copywriting, oneivan, ivan jerkic, machine learning, ai, machine, digital marketing

Step 2)

I got the following:

I guess it glitched on that 3rd and 9th suggestions haha. I’ve chosen the last one – it sounds so cool.

Step 3)

I guess that I need to write an intro myself. Okay, I will go with a flow and try to make it both keyword-rich and interesting as much as possible.

ai copywriting, oneivan, ivan jerkic, machine learning, ai, machine, digital marketing

Step 4)

I am ready to generate article outlines. Here’s what I’ve got.

Kinda hard to choose, albeit 4th is definitively glitched. I will stick with the first – seems the most logical.

Step 5)

The article is ready! I am pasting it below

What did my AI get for me?

Here is the AI-generated article, with zero edits from my side.

The Robot Writer That Could Change Your Career Forever

AI copywriting is slowly climbing into mainstream digital marketing tools. However, some of us are still skeptical about machines and their ability to really replace human storytelling – which is fine, considering AI has no understanding of emotions or so we think?

What is AI copywriting?

An article from Forbes explains a bit about how AI copywriting works. The robotic writing is actually very simple, to a point. As with most other programs in software, AI will read your website, social media profile and copy and evaluate it. It’s time to sit back and hope that we are wrong. The AI robots that have been created thus far are not much more than text files that sit there and read your words, typically looking for specific keywords. The main platform you will find AI or copywriting on is Google’s search bar. A lot of AI can be found within Google’s bar. For instance, you can search for a cat, but you can also search for cute cats. These are the keywords that the AI picks up and uses to analyze the written word.

Why is AI copywriting useful?

As marketers, copywriters spend a lot of time on the digital marketing road trying to promote and sell their company’s products and services. That’s time that should be spent on growing the business. Machine learning is a great tool in the hands of those that understand the importance of it and are able to apply it correctly. Once the platform understands the customer persona, it will then learn to adapt to your marketing tactics, allowing you to take the human and deliver a very direct, impactful experience. It might be a machine, but it’s an AI machine, and we can guarantee it will always understand human emotions. This is a principle that holds true across all areas of business, so using an AI machine for copywriting is a smart move. How does it work?

The benefits of AI copywriting

Empathy with automated tool It has been said that AI doesn’t create empathy with robots, however, the story telling tools are better at marketing a brand and an idea – exactly what we want from an active user, so who knows how machines will grow and develop over time. Automation leads to efficiency Automation leads to efficiency, which means more time to explore creative ideas and stories. So, it’s clear that artificial intelligence is the future of how the digital world is going to work. To be a little more concrete about what we mean when we say ‘copywriting’: We mean: How people – in a general sense of course, but also how your target customers are expecting you to portray your brand or product to them in one way or another – will perceive your product or your services.

The limitations of AI copywriting

However, this new form of AI doesn’t stop there. As Jeff Soto, Managing Director at Auth0 put it, “Because we don’t have a full understanding of what AI really means, we’re looking for quick and dirty solutions which don’t always make it clear how the technology is being applied to help marketers” With this in mind, there are very few AI writers on the market, and those that do exist are already reserved up to $10,000. The human touch that goes into writing effective copy is almost non-existent. This is where the Indian writer Jonny Cao comes in. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jonny, who is the brains behind Kambili, a new AI-driven content writer that cuts out the manual work of writing blog posts and enables any person to start writing content.


AI’s advances in areas such as speech recognition, self-driving cars, and image recognition may be terrifying for some – but we can’t deny that many marketing departments are using this technology to propel their digital marketing ventures. There’s nothing more fascinating than seeing an AI technology hack human creativity to turn an idea into a profitable online presence, and we hope you’re enjoying the journey.

The verdict

I will let you decide. Feel free to let me know via contact form or look me up on Linkedin and Twitter.

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