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The marketing guy

Ivan Jerkić

I might know a thing or two about branding, performance marketing, content creation, product discovery & growth marketing, so to put it simply – I’m the marketing guy.

In numbers? 7 years in business, more than $7M in ad campaigns, and I cannot count how much in revenues for my clients. I am co-founder and CMO at SplitX.

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purpose of marketing, marketing, ivan jerkic, the marketing guy, splitx, one ivan
Brand Marketing
Ivan Jerkić

What’s the purpose of marketing?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The purpose of marketing is to listen, to see, and to create accordingly. Start from the audience, not a product. Start with “you” instead of “us”. Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and ask ourselves “Why are we doing this in the first place?”

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brand's tone, brand's voice, ivan jerkic, the marketing guy, splitx, one ivan
Brand Marketing
Ivan Jerkić

How to find your brand’s tone and voice?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Branding goes way more than choosing a logotype and color scheme. A brand is the soul of a product. A product without a brand is nothing more than a commodity. Easily acquired, easily replaced, easily forgotten.

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The story of me

Born and raised in Split, Croatia. Traveled around a bit. Rooted down locally, but the world is my playfield (thank you Internet). Introvert, let’s say. Just an ordinary guy.

What do I like? I’m an avid blockchain fan and crypto investor. Or at least I think so. I like the “tech stuff”, no wonder. I like the sea & sun, traveling, writing, and football — not necessarily in that order.

On the contrary, I hate the status quo. There is always the next thing and the thing after, and after, and so on. You can do a lot in your life. Never settle.

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