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Ivan Jerkić

Venture Builder & Marketer
My work in two sentences

I build ventures – from the concept to product-market fit. And then I scale them.

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Growth Marketing

The scaling trap

Reading Time: 2 minutes In general, many startups and small businesses tend to over-plan their scaling. Scaling is excellent; it will eventually bring money to your business – but it’s pointless to plan your growth routes before you even have a functional car (if you get the analogy).

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Can AI be creative?

Reading Time: 3 minutes So here it comes – the overarching question many people in tech debated over the last few months. Can AI be creative? In this post, I will explain my stance and see how some of the most prominent AI systems respond when prompted about their creativity.

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The story of me

My passions run deep and wide, but above all, I’m a frontier tech aficionado. I thrive on exploring uncharted territories, discovering the next big thing, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

You’ll find me with a cup of coffee soaking in the sun’s rays when I’m not chasing innovation. Of course, no two days are alike – variety is the spice of life, after all!

I don’t believe in settling for the status quo or striving for perfection – instead, I believe in taking bold action, embracing risks, and learning from mistakes. It’s all part of the journey – build, launch, and grow. That’s my mantra, and it’s taken me far beyond the ordinary.

I believe it will inspire you, too!