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Ivan Jerkić

Venture Builder & Marketer

What do I do? I build businesses with my knowledge and experience. I might know a thing or two about technology, marketing, strategy, branding, and growth.

Why do I do it? To change something for the better by freeing it of the constraints given by the traditional way of thinking and doing business.

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Ivan Jerkić

Can AI be creative?

Reading Time: 3 minutes So here it comes – the overarching question many people in tech debated over the last few months. Can AI be creative? In this post, I will explain my stance and see how some of the most prominent AI systems respond when prompted about their creativity.

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Ivan Jerkić

Set realistic deadlines

Reading Time: 2 minutes The word “deadline” is overused in modern jargon. I’ve been hearing it everywhere, all the time. Yet, we are so bad at meeting deadlines, especially self-imposed ones. Why do we tend to set unrealistic deadlines? How to make them more accurate? Do we even need them?

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The story of me

I was born and raised in Split, Croatia, but I traveled around a bit. I’m rooted locally, but the world is my playfield (thank you, Internet). I’m just an ordinary guy.

What do I like? I’m an avid “frontier technology” fan. Or at least I think so. I like the sea & sun, traveling, writing, and football — not necessarily in that order.

On the contrary, I hate the status quo. There is always the next thing, the thing after, and so on. You can do a lot in your life. Keep on building.

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