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Ivan Jerkić

Marketing / Growth / Technology

What do I do? I help businesses with my knowledge and experience. I might know a thing or two about technology, growth, strategy, and marketing.

Why do I do it? To change something for the better by freeing it of the constraints given by the traditional way of thinking and doing business.

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Growth Marketing
Ivan Jerkić

The human factor in an AI-powered marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Even though you might think that it means we are playing on a leveled field and that anyone can set up a successful ad campaign powered by machine learning, growth marketing is more complex and individualized than ever. We are not digital marketing or PPC specialists. We are teachers, doctors, pilots, and strategists.

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Growth Marketing
Ivan Jerkić

I know you better than you know yourself

Reading Time: 4 minutes Complete customer journey is personalized, from search engines, social media feeds, advertising, and landing pages to post-purchase communication. We, as marketers, can directly control some parts of it, some we cannot, but we can influence the narrative as a whole.

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The story of me

I was born and raised in Split, Croatia, and I traveled around a bit. I’m rooted locally, but the world is my playfield (thank you, Internet). Introvert, let’s say—just an ordinary guy.

What do I like? I’m an avid blockchain fan and crypto investor. Or at least I think so. I like the “tech stuff,” no wonder. I like the sea & sun, traveling, writing, and football — not necessarily in that order.

On the contrary, I hate the status quo. There is always the next thing and the thing after, and so on. You can do a lot in your life. Never settle.

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