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Ivan Jerkić

Venture Builder & Growth Marketer
My work in two sentences

I build ventures – from the concept to product-market fit. And then I scale them.

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Growth Marketing

Paid Advertising for Startups: Maximizing ROI

Reading Time: 7 minutes In this post I delve into the dual engines of startup growth – strategic paid advertising and conversion rate optimization (CRO). While advertising gets your message in front of the right audience, CRO ensures that you effectively engage and convert this audience into customers.

I highlight the essential steps to set up successful ad campaigns, key considerations for tracking and measuring ad performance, and the vital role of CRO in enhancing your return on ad spend.

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growth marketing, startups, ivan jerkic
Growth Marketing

The Fundamentals of Growth Marketing for Startups

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this blog post, I will cover the fundamentals of growth marketing to help you plan and jump-start user acquisition leading to revenue growth.

Note: this blog post provides the overview from a higher perspective; I will not go into details – as there is no universal recipe for success. However, I hope that by following my blog in general, you might come to ideas worth implementing into your startup.

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The story of me

My passions run deep and wide, but above all, I’m a frontier tech aficionado. I thrive on exploring uncharted territories, discovering the next big thing, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

You’ll find me with a cup of coffee soaking in the sun’s rays when I’m not chasing innovation. Of course, no two days are alike – variety is the spice of life, after all!

I don’t believe in settling for the status quo or striving for perfection – instead, I believe in taking bold action, embracing risks, and learning from mistakes. It’s all part of the journey – build, launch, and grow. That’s my mantra, and it’s taken me far beyond the ordinary.

I believe it will inspire you, too!