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Ivan Jerkić

Marketing / Growth / Technology

What do I do? I might know a thing or two about branding, performance marketing, content creation, product discovery & growth marketing. Why do I do it? To change something for the better, to push it further.

In numbers? 7 years in business, more than $7M in ad spend growing brands, and I cannot count how much generated revenue for my clients. I am the co-founder and chief marketing officer at SplitX.

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Growth Marketing
Ivan Jerkić

Find your smallest viable market

Reading Time: 4 minutes Your product is not for everyone– it is for someone, but not everyone. Focusing on everyone will make you dull and average. You will need to compromise and generalize, requiring a vast marketing budget to be seen. Marketing and growth are all about creating your tribe. Your smallest viable market.

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The story of me

I was born and raised in Split, Croatia, and I traveled around a bit. I’m rooted locally, but the world is my playfield (thank you, Internet). Introvert, let’s say—just an ordinary guy.

What do I like? I’m an avid blockchain fan and crypto investor. Or at least I think so. I like the “tech stuff,” no wonder. I like the sea & sun, traveling, writing, and football — not necessarily in that order.

On the contrary, I hate the status quo. There is always the next thing and the thing after, and so on. You can do a lot in your life. Never settle.

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